New Apps Bridge Consumers and Brands, Disrupt Business Models

By Phylicia Teymer

Many of us have heard about numerous companies with new and disruptive business models which are taking down large competitors, one-by-one. Airbnb is the world’s largest accommodation provider, yet owns no real estate.1 Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, yet owns no vehicles.1 I’ve recently discovered a new mobile app, Adictik, (@adictikworld) which allows brand fans to create their own personal ads using companies’ logos for sharing. The concept of this app is huge! It’s yet another business model and concept which will change an industry: The advertising industry. It could potentially reduce the need for brands to continuously use an advertising agency, by harnessing what makes businesses thrive, it’s customers. 

Prior to covering why Adictik is an app concept to take note of, let’s review what many of these new business models have in common.

  • They directly connect a company to its consumers, where the consumers are also the suppliers. 
    • Uber – I love using it when traveling! It allows you to drive and/or request transportation to wherever you may want to go. It provides the communication application to connect the drivers to the riders. Why should Uber own cars, when the consumer can provide a car, get paid, and also pay for its insurance? The old business model (traditional taxis) help drive its business because Uber is typically cheaper, and you don’t have to call or go through middle management to get a driver. You, as the consumer, have a sense of control as you can request Uber when you need to at the click of a button. You, as a rider, even have driver info, stats, reviews, and route within reach.
  • A mobile application is the key platform for connecting with and meeting their consumers’ needs. 
    • Airbnb allows you to put your home & or bedrooms up for rent (additional income opportunity), and it also connects you, via its mobile app, to help you find short-term rentals near you. Why go to an overpriced hotel, when you can find someone nearby sharing their space. I’ve personally seen this living in Augusta, GA, where many people here rent their homes during “the large golfing event (wink)” using Airbnb. Some even have clauses in long-term rental agreements which say that tenants must move out for a week or two during the golfing event, in which they move others in for a much higher rate during that period. That’s a different example of disruptive. 
  • Customer reviews provide an additional aspect to decision making, added sense of security. 
    • Whether you’re requesting a driver, or deciding to stay in a stranger’s home, you value others’ input. New apps understand the value of a customer reviews, and have incorporated them within their apps. They help provide you with more information so you can make an informed decision and feel a bit more safer and satisfied with your choice.

With those key business commonalities mentioned, what is it about Adictik that has me so excited? It’s an app that shows me that companies VALUE their best brand advocates, their customers (YOU and ME)! Each of us have those brands that we may LOVE. This app allows you to use your picture with approved company logos of your choice! This is a symbiotic business relationship opportunity. Without customers, businesses would fail to exist. You and I, as customers, drive the business. Why wouldn’t brands leverage their biggest advertisers – their customers? Adictik recognizes this, and makes it easier for you, the brand fan, to show your love, while the brand benefits from your enthusiasm.

Made using Adictik in one of my favorite clothing brands, Desigual.

Made using Adictik in one of my favorite clothing brands, Desigual. Thanks for the RT, @Desigual_USA!

How could this change the advertising industry?

  • Low-cost promotion – A company can provide its logo to the app, Adictik, and let your customers’ imaginations come to life. As a company, you’ll get nearly free “earned” advertising from enthusiastic customers sharing their photos with your logo. You can then choose from those photos (& tweets/posts), which ones you may want to use to further promote your brand. Of course, you may have to deal with the occasional risk of someone posting a “bad” photo w/ company logo on it, yet who wants to go through the hassle of being personally sued?
  • Organically increase brand awareness – When you, as a company, allow an easy way for customers to advocate and share their excitement for your brand with their networks – It increases brand awareness in ways that you can’t “buy”.
  • Discovery – Through customers sharing their personal photo ads, as a company, you can learn more about who your customer is. Do you notice a diverse audience, a particular environment, or any continual identifiers? It’s a great way to explore who your current audience is.

These are only a few ways that the concept of this app, Adictik, will change advertising as we know it today. There may be enhancements to the app as it currently stands, but it’s definitely a great step in the direction towards bridging advocacy and personalization through businesses and their consumers.

Low Cost, Organic Brand Awareness, Discovery

1 Goodwin, Tom. “The Battle for Customer Interface.” TechCrunch. 3 March 2015. 4 November 2015.

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