How To Create Your Own Personalized Greeting Card

By Phylicia Teymer

It’s the holiday season! The time of year where you may be looking forward to what’s in your mailbox (not bills, or junk mail). It’s typically a great experience when you discover a special holiday card handmade just for you. It definitely is for me! I’d like to share how you can make your very own personalized greeting card to bring a smile upon your friends’ and family’s faces this year.

 What you will need:

  • Scissors (Creative Edge Scissors & Precision Cutter optional)
  • 4 contrasting pieces of paper/cardstock (typically to fit season/occasion – Cut the pieces of paper to the following dimensions: 6in x 5in / 5in x 4 in / 4.5in x 3.5in / 3.5in x 2.5in)
  • Message Stamps (Choose a few to match occasion)
  • Crafter’s Tape
  • Ink Pad (Black/Your Preference)
  • Add-ons (Bows/Flowers/Gems/Your choice)
  • Envelope

Watch my How To Video: 

  1. Cut cardstock to appropriate dimensions.
  2. Apply crafter’s tape to back of cardstock & adhere together
  3. Apply stamps to front of card.
  4. Include any additional add-ons (use crafter’s tape, if necessary)
  5. If you have an envelope, you may apply stamps to front.
  6. Add address, postage stamp, and MAIL!

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