Executive Leadership Shares Wisdom, Transformational Insights at IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference

By Phylicia Teymer 

This past week I had the tremendous opportunity to attend the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference (IBM PWLC) on behalf of our IBM Emerging Leaders Program. Throughout the week I was granted the chance to not only shadow IBM’s Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Economist, Martin Fleming, I was also given first-hand career advice from multiple executive leaders. In understanding the benefit of sharing knowledge and expertise, I will highlight key “nuggets” of wisdom I received (via panel & in-person), in addition to the significance behind my excitement around IBM’s transformation to a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company.

Martin Fleming & Phylicia Teymer

For background, IBM PWLC is designed primarily to help inform and enable executive business partner (BP) leadership on our key solutions and capabilities available or in development for new market & revenue opportunities. Via listening to multiple leadership panels & from personal discussions I gathered the following key tips to excel in my career and in life:

  • Don’t be afraid to take a role that scares you! As Ginni Rometti has said before, “Growth and comfort do not co-exist.
  • Trust your instincts & always maintain integrity.
  • Challenge yourself to speak in public.
  • Be confident.
  • When building a team, think B R O A D E R and BIGGER than yourself.
  • When submitting proposals for innovative ideas always: Know your audience, do your homework, show supportive material/data, know what will make it successful, and share how you plan to accomplish it. Show the VALUE of your idea and how it will positively impact your audience.
  • In “growth hacking“, creatively innovate quickly & keep costs low.
  • As someone who wants to get into a role which will impact the ways we go to market and connect with customers I was told to build my “thought-leadership” through my writing abilities (journalism), create content, and exemplify my ability to critically think on the subject of leveraging social media to connect with customers, supplement content, & build brand awareness.

While at the conference my thumbs  were moving at lightning pace as I tried to share as many insights via #IBMPWLC on Twitter (via iPhone) in addition to writing them in my handy, “THINK”, notepad. A key quote, among many, really resonated with me.

“Be disruptive or be disrupted” mentioned by Senior Vice-President of IBM Systems, Tom Rosamilia. CLICK TO TWEET

Change is constant, one either embraces it or fails to adapt and evolve.  As we’ve seen with the rise of Uber in the transportation industry, or with AirBNB in the hotel/lodging industry, it’s important to be able to drive transformation to the routes that the markets are shifting towards. We’re in the “age of the customer”, which is why I am excited to see IBM’s commitment towards our ongoing transformation as a cognitive solutions & cloud platform company. We’re in the cognitive era. I fully believe our ability to bring the power of cognitive analytics & computing capabilities to consumers in ways that will educate, empower, and improve business processes will be the ultimate game-changer for all those who take action to harness the power of data.

Join the conversation on Anchor.FM – “What’s your definition of being “disruptive” in business? https://anchor.fm/w/99F3B8

Emerging Leaders with Sandy Carter at Women in Channels luncheon

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